Next Steps

Take your next steps as a new believer.

Our next steps discipleship program is vital for the new believer and helpful whether you have recently accepted Christ or just desire to grow deeper into God's Word. When you partner with a mature believer, you gain a mentor and a friend.

What you can expect:

Our next steps discipleship program is designed to fit into anyone's schedule. Whether you can only meet days, nights, or weekends, we've got someone that can partner with you. Meet at the church, meet at Starbucks, meet in your living room. The location is completely up to you.

Over this seven week period, you will meet with your partner in discipleship once a week for 1-2 hours. If you miss a week, that's okay. You can meet again the next week!

If you want to be discipled, let us know by using the form below.

Do you want to disciple someone?

Maybe you are that mature believer with the desire to disciple someone. Great! We want to get you connected to a new believer. You can contact us by using the form below and someone will reach out to train you to be part of this program.