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Growth Groups

All of our Growth Groups are studying The Gospel Project - a 3 year study through the Bible.

Growth Groups

Our Growth Groups on Sunday morning study systematically through the Bible using the Gospel Project. There are classes for every age group from nursery to senior adults. Every group is studying the same passage of Scripture on their age level. This is great for families to be able to discuss what they are studying during the week.

Children's Groups

Babies & Walkers | Room 122 | Teacher: Judy Allen

Twos & Threes | Room 120 | Teacher: Mary Fly

Threes & Fours | Room 118 | Teacher: Debbie Young

Kindergarten | Room 119 | Teacher: Jeany Roberson

1st & 2nd Grades | Room 222 | Teacher: Amy Angulo

3rd & 4th Grades | Room 117 | Teacher: Crystal Burns

5th & 6th Grades | Room 218 | Teacher: Nancy Nicholson

Youth Groups

7th-12th Grade Boys | Room 242 | Leaders: Victor Torres & Steven Roberts

7th-12th Grade Girls | Room 216 | Leader: Sharon Ownsbey

Adult Groups

Men’s Class | Room 201 | Leader: Richard Bradford 

Both single and married adult men are invited to join this group. 

Women’s Class | Room 129 | Leader: Wendy Renfrow 

Both single and married adult women are invited to join this group. 

Young Adults | Room 209Leader: Nathan McEndree

This is our college & young adult group for 18 to 20 somethings and consists of primarily single adults.


Newly Married | Room 203 | Leader: Sandra Roberts

This group targets recently married or soon to be married couples. 

Parenting with Courage 24/15 | Room 211 Leader: Pastor, Dennis Hester 

This group consists of parents of both children and youth. 

Seekers | Room 140 | Leader: Kirby Skaggs

This is an open group primarily made up of middle-aged adults. 

Followers | Room 131 | Leaders: John Wilson & Roland Gorman 

This is an open group primarily made up of 50s and older.

Explorers | Chapel | Leaders: Jimmy Youree & Chuck Jackman

This is an open group primarily made up of 60s and older.