Growth Group Relaunch Relaunching Growth Groups in September. Read our relaunch plan and Sign up here!

Growth Group Relaunch

Relaunch plan for Growth Groups following the COVID-19 disruption.

Please fill out a sign up sheet for each adult in your household!

Relaunch Strategy

At First Baptist Watauga we have a clear mission: to Exalt the Lord, Equip Believers, and Evangelize the Lost. Part of our vision for equipping believers has been through our three ways to grow: Worship, Growth Groups, and Service.

This year, Covid-19 has changed much of our schedule, processes, and what we would call “normal.” Over the last several months we have continued to provide opportunities for worship both online and in-person. We have had opportunities to serve in small ways, through making masks and providing hand sanitizer for our local schools. We have had some meeting in small groups over zoom while also providing weekly videos from our Growth Group director Sandra Roberts.

Sandra has done an excellent job with these lessons each and every week as she helped us to continue right where we left off with the Gospel Project. However, we believe it is time for us to begin moving towards more intentional and strategic growth group gatherings.

While we would love to simply wait for “normal” to return in order for us to re-launch our growth groups, we also understand that we simply do not know when we will fully be able to return to normal. So, beginning in September we will be providing different opportunities for you to begin gathering in growth groups together.

These growth groups may look and feel differently to you, but remember this is for a season. And while the growth group you get connected with may not be the growth group you have been familiar with, we believe you can still connect and grow with one another while we continue to seek the Lord’s guidance for when returning to normal would be appropriate. We will limit the group sizes in accordance with health recommendations for the season.

Below are different options for you to sign up for. Our growth groups will be strategically designed to meet the different needs of our congregation, so feel free to sign up for whichever makes the most sense for you and your family.

A. Sunday morning growth group beginning at 9:30am. These groups would meet in-person in the church building while some are in the worship service. This time offset from the first service will help with social distancing.

B. Sunday morning growth group beginning at 10:45am. These groups would meet in-person in the church building while some are in the worship service. This option is primarily for those who wish to attend the smaller 9am service and join with a growth group following worship.

C. Sunday evening growth group. These groups would meet in-person in the church building at 6:00 p.m. on Sunday nights.

D. Growth Group in a home. These groups would be able to gather in-person during the week in different members’ home.

E. Growth Group over zoom. These groups would be able to gather online together on a weekly basis, but would not have to meet in person.

It is also important for us to know if you would be available to teach a growth group as we may need additional leaders for smaller groups. We also need to know if you are willing to host a group in your home.

We understand this has been a trying time for us all. We encourage you to get connected with a growth group in some form or fashion so that we can continue to study and grow in God’s Word together.