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G3 Groups

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G3 for Preschoolers

G3 for Preschoolers meets in the nursery and is for babies through kindergarten. We have a check-in kiosk, and they are welcome to stay through the worship service.

G3 for Kids

G3 for Kids meets upstairs in our children’s hall and is for first-sixth grade students. You will drop them off in their graded classrooms. They come together for a closing program and then walk downstairs. You can meet them at the tables by the kitchen, after the growth group hour so they can join you for our worship service.

G3 for Youth

G3 for Youth meets upstairs in the CSC and is for seventh-twelfth grade students. You will drop them off there and then after a large group time, they will break into smaller groups by grade and gender.

G3 for Young Adults

G3 for Young Adults meets in room 201. This group is for college students, young professionals, and young married couples. They will share a large group time and then break up into smaller groups for Bible Study.

G3 for Parents

G3 for Parents meets in room 211. This group is for parents of babies through college students. They share a large group time and then split into smaller groups for Bible Study.

G3 for Empty Nesters

G3 for Empty Nesters meets in 3 rooms downstairs: room 119, room 140, and the Chapel. These groups are for people whose kids are in college or grown and have families of their own, as well as older adult singles.