Peru Ministry

Unidos means "united" in Spanish. Our church is currently seeking the Lord's direction for our partnership with Southern Baptist IMB missionaries currently working in and around the city of Lima, Peru. We believe that God is going to lead our church members to use their gifts to help strengthen the ministry that God is already doing through the missionaries and churches in Peru.

Where we are now

FBCW has sent groups to work alongside the Downtown Lima Ministry. Career IMB missionaries, our brothers and sisters in Christ, are working to establish relationships with housing communities, soup kitchens, and hospitals to demonstrate God's love toward those in need. In each of these cases, the missionaries seek God's guidance on how to reach the unevangelized with the gospel of Jesus Christ.

The vision for this ministry team is very creative and includes many direct and indirect methods for sharing the gospel. Members of FBCW have participated in opening doors and helping establish relationships through tract distribution, preaching, singing, taking photos, making arts and crafts, one-on-one prayer, small group bible studies, hospital visitation, and leadership training.

Our understanding of missions is that we are to partner with what God is already doing on the field, and help long term brothers and sisters in Christ build bridges to the gospel through our cooperative, concerted, and consistent efforts.

Over the next few years, we plan to continue sending groups to strategically partner with the work the missionaries on the field are performing everyday in the Downtown Lima Ministry. Our goal is to plug into the master plan that God has revealed to the missionaries on the field, so that they can more effectively reach the people group in their area, and so that we can appropriately present the gospel through our lives and words.

If you are interested in learning more about how to become involved with the FBCW Unidos missions effort, please contact the missions committee or a staff member.