Thank you for your generous tithes and offerings. Your gifts to the "General Fund - Tithe" support the on-going ministry and mission of FBC Watauga. This represents the regular annual budget that is established by the church in the November church conference each year. Besides directly supporting these ministries, the budget pays the ministers salaries and "keeps the AC running".

You can see a breakdown of how that money is used in the chart to the right. Because of our focus on missions and ministry, you will notice that every effort is made to keep the "overhead" expenses at a minimum. Also realize that when money is spent in the various "major ministry" areas such as Students, Children, Worship and Pastoral, those totals also include much that is spent on mission trips and outreach.

If you have any questions about the budget or any special ministries of FBC Watauga, don’t hesitate to contact the church office.


Your Pastor,
Br. Dennis

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