What is Sell & Share?

Sell & Share is a campaign to help improve the building as well as giving additional funds to ministries in the church like the Hope Fund, Back to School Rally, and Sharing CHRISTmas. We are asking that you prayerfully consider selling some of the items in your home that you may no longer use or that you have been considering getting rid of. Once sold, we are asking that you give the proceeds to the Sell & Share Campaign. Acts 2:45 & Acts 4:32,34-35 are the Biblical foundation for this campaign.

Exactly how will the money be used?

85% of the offering that comes through Sell & Share will be used to continue major repairs and upgrades on our aging facility. These projects have been identified and prioritized by the Building and Grounds Committee working with our Stewarship Pastor and staff. 15% will be distributed to the special ministry projects that have a direct impact on our local community (our Jerusalem): 5% to the Hope fund, 5% to the Back to School Rally, and 5% to Sharing CHRISTmas.

How do I give to the Sell & Share Campaign?

On your offering Envelope or through online giving, designate your offering to Sell & Share.

Does the Sell & Share Campaign replace the Hope fund or Capital Expenditure fund?

No. You can still give directly to the Capital Expenditure fund, which will go directly to building improvement. You can also give directly to the Hope fund which will go directly to helping people in need. To clarify, Sharing CHRISTmas will continue to be funded from the budget. This will provide extra money for this important outreach.